Nothing critical to talk about today, but I feel like babbling a little. So hang tight.
First some general observances about my kids. I think I got a handle on Alex’s fear of failure. I gave him shapes with really wide lines to trace and cut. Now he’s at least willing to do his work, but he gets upset about the littlest mistakes. I’d show you a sample “mistake” but they get thrown out pretty quick. I’ll try to save one next time.
Annie. Bless her heart. She’s just a sweet kid. When I need a hug, I go to her first. She’s always got one for me, especially when the others would rather play than get squishies from mom. Love that about her.
Louisa: she just makes me laugh. Tucking her in to bed at night, this is what I get:
Me: Good night Louisa
Louisa: Good night birdie birdie
Me: I’m not a birdie, I’m mom!
L: (giggling) Goodnight mommy birdie.
Speaking of the girls, did I mention that their birthday is on Saturday? Have I done a single thing to prepare? Nope. No presents, no cake, no balloons. Nada. Can we say BAD MOM! I don’t even have any excuses, I don’t have any class prep stuff to work on. I’m just a bad mom. Next year I’m buying them extra presents at Cmas, and stashing them in the closet until their birthday. Why it’s taken me 3 years to figure that one out is beyond me.
Still no snow! Weatherman is predicting some possible accumulations around Monday. We’ll see about that. I have a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach that we’re going to get all of our snow at once. All 48 inches, or how ever much is normal for one winter in these parts. It’s going to fall in one week. The last week of March.
Oh yea, one last thing. I made a cobbler yesterday. Set it on the stove to cool. (Conveniently forgetting about the peanut butter cake episode from last May) went back and sat at my desk to organize some thoughts. I swear I was only there for 10 minutes before Louisa came running in with berries all over her face. She tried to convince me that Annie was the one who had eaten the top layer off the cobbler. In her defense, Annie was licking something remarkably berry colored off her fingers when I found her, but she wasn’t up to her eyeballs in berries like Louisa was. I should know better, really I should.


Kelli said...

Must see berry covered faces!!

Lora said...

LOL!! I kinda like the stashing gifts thing....


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