From 70’s to snow

That’s right. Yesterday (and the day before for that matter) were in the 70’s, but today I woke up to snow. Yippee. This happened to me once in college. The windows froze open during the night. I had to actually go outside and knock the ice off the window before it would swivel back in (love ground floor dorm rooms!) Ah well. I’ll have to dig my long johns back out :(
I had the kids outside yesterday, doing some yard work, playing and so forth. Noticed that my lilies are starting to come in (yahoo! – I hope the snow didn’t kill them!) And something else, I think it was the iris I rescued from the ditch last year – but I don’t know for sure.
I gave the kids a photography lesson yesterday. Alex was a natural, driving his little car all over the yard looking for things to take pictures of. The red one is by Alex, it's his car. Louisa took this one of Alex (I cropped it a bit to make it fit better)

(ps. Yes, Miss Annie was feeling much better yesterday!)


Meg said...

Pix taken by kids are some of the most interesting pix there are. I have a few taken by my friend, Nici's son who is Alex's age.

I love it!

Lora said...

hey... i remember that iris!!!


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