The sound of sickness

If you were in my house this weekend, that’s what you would have heard. It started on Friday with Alex and Louisa. They spent a good portion of their day either sleeping or throwing up. Nice. I spent the majority of my day cleaning up their little deposits, and holding those sick babies. (In other words, getting absolutely nothing accomplished)
Friday night / Saturday morning Jory and I became quite intimate with this little flu bug. It was the first time he and I had been seriously ill at the same time since my grandfather died a few years back. It wasn’t pretty.
The good news is that my kids were champs. No fighting, no mischief. Just sweet, well-behaved, patient kiddos. I left some crackers and raisins on the counter for them so I didn’t have to worry about them starving to death while I slept, and they handled everything else. Even more impressive was how they spoiled Jory and me. They brought us books, blankies, drinks, the whole works. My favorite moment was when Alex wanted to “scare” my sickies away with kisses. Awwww.
So Monday is here, I’m better. I think Jory is better (he went to work anyway). I’m itching to get some stuff done that needed to be done on Friday.
Happy Monday!


deezie said...

Oh you poor things!!! I am glad you are all feeling better. we all had the same thing last week, I know it was not a good thing it sort of hits everyone at once. lets hope this bug goes away and never comes back.
keep feeling good

Meg said...

UGGGGGHHHH! If you had anything close to what I got, I'm glad your kids took care of you. Glad it only lasted about a day with the kiddos, so you were able to recuperate without having to take care of them too.

Glad you're feeling better, and thanks for not giving it to me :)


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