Had sort of a strange day yesterday. I went with my mom to help my brother move out of his “house” and into a new place. He had been staying with some strange people, and was a little tired of their personality quirks. So I got to see his new place, which was cool. Much better than the old living quarters. I was pretty happy that I could be apart of the whole transition. The kids made a new friend while we were out moving. One of my mom’s friends from work came over to play with them so I could drive the van with Drew’s stuff. So it was a good day, just a little out of the ordinary.
Anyway. I had some kiddisms to record, let me see if I can remember them.
Louisa: insists that her name is spelled with a capital a. The other day I went to write her name on her picture, and when I made the lowercase a, she got sooo mad that she painted over it and insisted that I rewrite it with a capital a. Then yesterday, she comes to me and says “I’m Louisa (which actually sounds like wee-za when she says it) L-o-u-i-s-capital a. I’m not making this up, I swear. Alex: This kid has always been a storyteller. Recently I’ve been giving him pictures from magazines and having him come up with stories to go with the pictures. He dictates, and I write. Well the other day I gave him a picture of a boy with an old man (it was Alan Alda actually, but he didn’t know that) we sat there for an hour thinking up adventures for “Jacob” and “his grandpa”. When we were done, we had a 2 page story. Complete with illustrations. That one is sooo going to be tucked away in a file to be saved forever.


Anonymous said...

L-o-u-i-s-capitol A, Huh. Too funny. Thanks for all your help on what I am sure is the last snow day of the season. That snow day was God's stamp of approval on what Drew decided to do since it made family available to help him. It's a God thing.

Lora said...

That is such a cool idea to have Alex come up with stories from pictures... LOVE the LouisA story. Callie insists that even if you spell her name in all CAPS.. the I needs a dot! HA!!


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