Life update

It was beautiful here this weekend. 70-80 degrees all weekend, no humidity, no bugs, just nice, happy sunshine. We had ourselves a nice little picnic in the yard on Saturday (read that - I was too lazy to drag everyone inside to eat, so I just brought the food out). Sunday we spent a good part of the day doing an overhaul on the garage. So what’s new in the Peterson household? The girls have become very independent lately. As in don’t you dare try to help me or I’ll UNDO the work you’ve just done and redo it myself. Which basically means that the bedtime routine that used to take 15 minutes now takes 45. Mom gets toothbrush out, girl whines, grabs toothbrush, returns it to toothbrush corral, pauses, grabs the same toothbrush, and proceeds to get it ready to brush her teeth WITHOUT help. Nice.

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