All figured out.

Ok, so one of the reasons I keep this blog is to keep (and share) records of my children’s milestones. I have to remind myself of this truth so I don’t feel like a bragging mom. So this is a school related update for Alex, not a mom-brag session.
I might have shared this before, so bear with me – For a while now Alex has been building words with letter magnets, usually 3-4 letter words. Sometimes he asks for help, other times he gets it right all by himself – he’s not so much into invented spellings, but they do show up from time to time. Anyway, the other day I figured he was ready for an easy reader book – the kind that uses repeated words over and over. Not surprising, but he did super with it. I hear him in his room “reading” “cars are big, trees are big, houses are big…” He gets so excited about words and language. I love that. The other milestone that I thought I’d share relates to math. That boy loves his addition. He loves adding with a number line (find the number that’s 2 more than 4), and he really likes using manipulatives to add. Oh and don’t get him started on number stories. He’ll sit and make up stories for half an hour by himself (there were 3 cars at the bakery, then 3 more came, and then there were six, but one decided to go to the lake house, and there were five…) I’m trying to get him to make number sentences (4 + 5 = 9) in addition to his “math play”.

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