Weekend happenings

I think one of the cats had an unfortunate encounter with an SUV. There’s a dark smear out in front of our house, and the other cat (Lightning) is acting so pitiful. He acts like he lost his best friend or something. So unless he miraculously shows up, we are now the proud owners of one lonely little kitty. Which is fine, because frankly we didn’t want them to begin with.
In other news, Sue and Dick were in town this weekend. They came up for a bowling tournament, and met up with us for dinner. We had a great time catching up. They brought us some treasures from their “collection” including an old wooden school desk/chair combo. The kind like we had in college where the desk is connected to the chair, but it’s much prettier than anything I sat in during my college days. My other “treasure” is Dick’s marble bureau from when he was a kid. He brought it for the kids to keep their little collections in, but I promptly snatched it up for my craft area. It’s the perfect size to keep on my desk and fill up with my little scrapty odds and ends.
Other than that, it was a nice weekend. Good weather, happy kids, and relaxing. Doesn’t get a whole lot better.

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