Photo fix

I’ve been a total slacker in the picture department lately (so sorry). So here are a few from yesterday. The girls got to put on some more of their new spring wardrobe, and well, they were just too darned cute. So even though I had a to – do list a mile long, I spent most of the afternoon taking pictures. I actually got quite a few of the girls together before they just got too silly to cooperate (which is almost unheard of!). So here are some spring pix of my hooligan children. (That’s Louisa in the blue/green shirt)


Karen said...

Hi Petersons! Happy (early) Easter! I hope you all are doing well and will enjoy time with family while celebrating our awesome Lord. I'm celebrating Easter with friends here (we "holiday orphans"). You're kids are adorable! But...there's no pics of you two! We gotta see how mom and dad are doing! Miss yous. I'll be heading home the last weekend of April for Logan's 4th birthday in case you want another "mini-van retreat" at Steak and Shake!

.:liza:. said...

Since I always say the same thing (they are getting so big!) hows this for a change... They look more like their brother now.



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