Play date

Yesterday out of the blue my old friend Darlene called and invited us to a play date at the park. Well since it’s been close to a year since the last play date, it was time for another one. It was good to chat with her and Chris (her oldest), while my kids played with Anna and Johnny (her two youngest). We were soon joined by my mom and brother, and most of the Wurster family (another family from church). We had a ball chatting and catching up. My favorite moment came later as I was getting Louisa ready for bed, she told me she wanted to invite Chris and that lady (Darlene) to come to our house to play. Good times.
In other news, Jory and I have been scrapping fools the last two days. He’s been scrapping pics from his trip to Missouri a few days ago, and I’ve been working on well… whatever suits my fancy at the moment. Mostly layouts that will be given away to someone someday.

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