Weekend escape

This weekend Jory decided to take a road trip to Missouri to hang out with his brother and his parents. They’re currently having a ball riding motorcycles, playing video games and generally just being boys.
I took the kids out to the lake to hang with Grandma and Grandpa. It was too cold to be in the water, but we had a ball anyway. The kids all went over to the boy scout camp, got really dirty, looked for flowers, and rode on the Gator (the highlight of Alex’s trip). Mom and I took the girls shopping; found a new wardrobe for the girls at the Carter’s outlet. But now back to reality. Back to chores and school and all that less than fun stuff. The good news is it’s supposed to be near 80 today, and we have cute new summer clothes!


Dad said...

For your information, Alex WAS in the lake. At least 2 toes. He wouldn't be convinced it was too cold otherwise. Grandpa's boy. Growing up next to a community swimming pool, I was over there every day Granny would allow. But I never admitted "It was too cold..." I just didn't stay in the water very long. Neither did Alex.

Lora said...

Missouri?!?! That's where I am!!!


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