Weekend excitement

So how was your holiday weekend? Ours was fun. Saturday we had a fun family outing to the big library down town. We managed to kill a good 4 hours there with out even trying. Then we had ice cream for dinner. (The joys of being a responsible parent)
Sunday Jory had a pass to the Indy 500 races in Indianapolis, so I took the kids to church and then out to the lake for some Grandma time. The weather was yucky on Sunday, so we hung out inside. We read a lot of stories, had some snacks, then read a little more. But Monday was significantly better weather wise, so we got out and enjoyed it. The kids got some water time in while Jory and I took ourselves on a little adventure (aka we got lost in the middle of no-where Indiana) But now reality is knocking on the door. Sigh.

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