Lucky me.

Remember my cat that I don’t want. Well, now I have 3 cats that I don’t want. That’s right! Kittens. At first I was a little ticked off that Lightning decided to have kittens in my garage, but then I got a good look at them and they’re pretty darned cute.
The only problem with the situation is that the Mama cat is a total ditz. As in she keeps looking at me with a panicked look in her eyes, like “what the heck am I supposed to do!!!” at which I chuckle and say “you got yourself into this mess, you figure it out”.
Yesterday there was quite a bit of kitten related drama. In the morning she had one kitten in the garage (in a box full of sticks no less) and one somewhere outside. I realized after about 2 hours that she wasn’t doing much to take care of the one in the garage (not realizing there was another outside), so I went out and snuggled it in an old towel and cleaned the stick bundles out (it’s with the fire wood). It was still moving around so I figured it was ok. Well 5 hours after that the Mama cat finally started crying to be let back in the garage, (even though she knows how to get in by herself). So I let her in, and gave her a lecture about taking care of her baby. She acted like she couldn’t remember where the kitten was, so I showed her the box, and let her climb in on her own. Then she just sits there, like “now what?” So I get her to lay down so the baby can eat, and I go back inside. 10 minutes later I go back outside, and Mama is gone. Nice. Then I hear the other kitten outside the garage, and I open the door again. Mama brings baby 2 in, sets it in her “nest” and finally snuggles in for the night. I think. I didn’t go back out to check on them after I put the kids in bed.

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