Exciting weekend

For once we had a really cool weekend. Saturday was our 6th wedding anniversary, so Jory and I decided to take a road trip. We drove to Columbus for the day to do some shopping. We hit up some motorcycle stores, then drove to the Easton Center, which is this HUGE shopping area. It’s like a small city that no one lives in. No houses or apartments, no schools or hospitals, just stores. Lots and lots of stores and restaurants. We went to Archivers (scrapbook supplies) and The Container Store. Both of which were amazing. Sadly I developed a migraine in the late afternoon, and the trip home was less than pleasant.
Sunday Alex graduated from the Pre-k program at church into the kindergarten class, which means that instead of going to the nursery, he goes to the big kid program called “Kidz time”. They had a cute little program where the kids went up front and sang a few songs, then got a children’s devotion from the Children’s Minister. It was very cute. Alex was petrified of singing in front of people (which is surprising, because he’s not a shy child) He was also quite nervous about going to the big kid program. So when the kids were dismissed, I took him back to his class. Which was totally unnecessary because all his nursery buddies were there and they were all so excited to be “big kids”. He did just fine.

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