So life is crazy busy around here. What else is new right? The bad news is I’ve been sucked into this evil vortex called Facebook. It’s this social network website where you can search for friends, post pictures, and do all sorts of goofy stuff. Lots of ways to kill time over there. So if you’re on and we’re not already friends, look me up! I need more friends.
Anyway. Speaking of old friends… Some of you may remember my old buddy Jeremy from college. Well he’s going to be in the states next month (he’s a missionary in Thailand) and he’s going to come visit us! I am BEYOND excited. I’m excited to meet his wife (and hopefully his 2 stepsons) and catch up on the last 6 years.


Amanda said...


Thanks for the add on facebook - It's been WAY too long since we've been in contact! (I can't believe the TEN YEAR reunion is upon us in short order.)

I'm glad to see you've been doing so well - I'm enjoying checking out your blog and getting a little filled in on what I've missed.

I'm at work right now so I have to jet, but I will be in touch with you soon to fill you in on my end as well.


Mom said...

Yay Jeremy's coming to town. I remember when he came up to the cabin Dad and I rented at that SP near Kent. What game did we stay up playing?


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