The last few days have been crazy busy around here. And unfortunately I feel like this is the calm before the storm (aka VBS). So I thought it might be fun to put out my to-do list, just so I can remember exactly why I felt so stressed.
So the priorities for today:
Chores (washing breakfast dishes, getting kids dressed, making beds, shower/baths, vacuum) - sadly my chore list in itself looks like a hefty to do list.
Pick blackberries – shouldn’t be a priority, but if I don’t go get them, I’ll be mad at myself when I have no berries to make cobblers with.
Baby-sit at the church – oh and put together a project and story, gather necessary supplies.
Put together a project for my grandmother’s birthday party (Saturday)
Get together with Julie to plan our week of VBS (next week!)
Plan a get together with my friend Jeremy (and possibly a get-together with my friends the Gillilands) BEFORE Jeremy goes back to THAILAND.
School stuff (another to – do list in itself) finalize my structure for the day and curriculum (for Alex) start thinking about how to structure the girls pre- k, finalize paperwork.
FINISH PAINTING MY PORCH. I started this project 2 weeks ago, and still am not finished.
Start preparing for my vacation in August with the kids and my parents. – Since next week is VBS, I’ll be consumed with that, and we leave right after VBS is done.
Oh, and my I-wish-I-had-time-for-this list: I haven’t scrapbooked in so long that it physically hurts to think about. (Some people might call that withdrawal) and I’d really like to take better 5 year pics of Alex, plus some nice portrait style pics of the girls while I still have the summer light. (And it’s warm enough to be outside)

The good news (pfth) is that I had a great meeting with my children’s minister at church. Talking about our vision for a pre-school ministry at our church. Which I am SUPER excited about. But that’s another post for another day.


Teresa said...

GIRL! I am WISHING about now that those were the only sources of my stressful life!! Feel blessed, feel very blessed!

And I'm with you on the scrapbooking thing, it's downright depressing how far behind I am on it now! :)

Dad said...

Hey, hey, hey. Slow down, girl. Reread your post. Then read your blog title. You have too many White genes, not enough Sims genes. (More likely Blevins than White, but I digress.)
John France labeled you "Most likely to win an Olympic Gold Medal in Laid-Back". You might have grown up. Get over it. I did.
Pastor Mark of Grammie's church did an interesting Children's Sermon once. You have a jar, some sand, and some rocks. Get everything into the jar. Short story: put the rocks in first, pour the sand in around it. The rocks are the big things in life, the sand is the small stuff. Let God sort the sand from the rocks for you. You'll know which is which. Trust me. No, no, no. Trust HIM. All the Power you read about in the Bible is real, and available to you. You don't have to slay Goliath. Your giant is your to-do list. He can do that too.
("...Me too." -God)


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