The blessing of spontaneity

I usually am not a very spontaneous person. But yesterday I took the kids on a rather spontaneous road trip to Cleveland. I finally was able to meet up with my college pal, Jeremy, and met his wife and boys for the first time. Despite the obvious language barrier (their English was shaky, and my Thai is well, non existant), we managed to have a nice (slightly goofy) little chat. We got all caught up and all that. It was good. So glad they squished us in before they go back on Sunday.

Oh and of course a picture. The only one I took yesterday (be impressed by my restraint).
Slightly blurry - pole in the way - but priceless pic. That’s Jeremy, Music, (the goof ball) Khio (pronounced Key-o) and Leo.
We also met up with our friends the Gillilands. They’re the family with 7 kids. What a big, happy family. All of my kids had someone to play with. The older kids volunteered to play with my kids so I could chat with the Mama. It was such a great time. I almost managed to sneak away with Hannah (the oldest) but wasn’t quite successful. Someday I will manage to kidnap a few (or all!!) of those kids and bring them home with me. So my lesson for the day. Spontaneous = good. Very good. Totally worth trying to plan at 10:15 the night before, and not having a map to Canton. Oh, and I managed to score big time on a little shopping trip to Gabriel Brothers.

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