So I was going to update yesterday with weekend photos, but I decided to go to the zoo instead. So here are photos from both.
The pumpkin patch with Grandma and Drew: Miss Annie with her new big-girls-don’t-wear-pigtail-hairdo. And some pumpkins.

Then yesterday at the zoo with Uncle Drew. We saw the polar bear cubs, ate lunch in a lions cage, and Uncle Drew turned into a beautiful butterfly. Here's a pic of my kids climbing on the elephant that we climbed on when we were kids, and Alex at the hippo-quarium. And that's a lot of pics for one post!

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Dad said...

Uncle Drew a beautiful butterfly? I can see him as a Unicorn Beetle, tarantula, Cicada killer (look it up) or maybe a slug (any day before 10 am) but a BUTTERFLY?


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