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Where does the time go? It seems like I just updated this thing, and it’s already a week out of date. Go figure. So what’s new in our house? Jory fixed my Ipod docking center. (It got fried last summer) so now I can listen to my music when I’m working at my desk instead of the dreadful radio (oh, the horror). You have no idea how ecstatic I am to have that thing fixed.
I spent the day yesterday making applesauce. Yum Yum Yum. My mom and the girls picked the apples a few weeks ago, and we spent a good portion of our Sunday cutting, coring, cooking and bagging. It was quite a project, but fun. Now my freezer is full of applesauce, and the kids can try out one of my favorite treats from when I was a kid. Good times.
I picked up a great teaching book at the library this weekend. (I love our library!!!) I can’t remember the exact title (and am too lazy to go look it up). But it was something like Math Excursions (for Kindergarten). It’s a unit based approach, that starts with a story and has at least 2 weeks worth of really really good activities tied to that specific story – but are generic enough that they can be adapted lots of different ways. Ohhhh the possibilities. The wheels are spinning.
Alex has thought of some great art projects this week. The first one is a book of ships. He made his own book with scrap paper (stapled together) with a different ship on each page. He chose a book about war ships at the library, and I think he went through the book and copied out some of the ships, then proceeded to adapt them to purposes that suited his needs. (One shoots fireballs). The other project that he came up with is a map of his planet (don’t ask). He took 9 sheets of 11 x 17 paper and proceeded to draw this huge map that incorporated all 9 sheets. It has a racetrack, some houses, and New Mexico. I really need to scan some of his work.

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