Week end

Yes, I realize it’s Tuesday, not Monday but I don’t really care. I’m posting about my weekend anyway. As it was above average on the fun-ness scale.
Saturday, our dear friend Cathy stopped by on her way home from vacation in Boston. We hung out, had dinner. She played with my kids, and entertained us old folk with vacation tales.
On Sunday we had our annual church picnic. As was the norm, Jory took the kids over to the playground so I could talk to the other grown ups. Always nice to have a decent conversation without being interrupted 16 times by ornery children. The weather was beautiful, the skeeters weren’t too bad (despite what those city folk claim).
So now we’re settling into another week. This is Alex’s fourth week of school already. I can’t believe how fast it’s going. Alex has his first kidz program at church tonight. It's a little weird to think that I can take him to a church program and not feel obligated to help lead it.

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