Notes on life.

Just a few random completely unrelated stories for today.
My children have been little artists lately. My floor is constantly littered with scraps of paper, scissors, stickers, and crayons. My son, who at the beginning of the year refused to pick up a pair of scissors, now has a pair permanently attached to his hand. Louisa enjoys coloring in specific shapes, and placing her stickers in very tidy arrangements. Annie is still sort of a scribbler. Occasionally she’ll make something recognizable, but she tends toward massive amounts of color.
So yesterday was our first day back for Sunday school at church. Oh my word. To say it was chaotic would be an understatement. It was a swirl of too many people in a small space, new classroom arrangements, too many new faces, and a general sense of not knowing what was happening around me. Sadly I was one of the few people who was supposed to know what was happening. Generally things settle into a routine after a few weeks, but I’m supposed to change teaching positions in a few weeks from first grade to special needs. So just as I figure out what I’m doing, I’ll start from scratch with more new faces and different challenges. Oh, and a kiddism from last night: Louisa not wanting to leave her comfy spot on my bed to brush her teeth: “I’m frustrated!!!” That kid kills me.

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