So yesterday my friend Tracy calls me and says “we’re in the area, can we stop by?” Silly question woman. She and Mark were headed past our house (minus the 7 kiddos) and stopped over for the night before heading home to collect their crew. One of these days I’m going to kidnap the entire family. Force them to stay with us for a whole week. Love them so much, hate that they live nearly 3 hours away.
Anyway. Alex’s school is still going well. I made the huge mistake of showing him how to use an eraser. Oh my word. Perfectionistic tendencies + being able to start over = 30 minutes on a super easy worksheet that should have taken 10. Nice.
Our yard has been reclaimed by an angry horde of mosquitoes. We have had a really nice dry summer this year, so the skeeter population has been rather nonexistent. But we had a few rainy days a few weeks back and they’re back with a vengeance. Making up for lost time.

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Lora said...

LOL!! Poor Alex... apparently he is SO type A... HA!!


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