Mindless ramblings

It’s been a while since I just rambled, so bear with me.
Yesterday we had a mad purge session in our house. We went through room by room, got rid of all sorts of crap, and reorganized a little. Feels good to get rid of some clutter. Make some room for new clutter.
Alex has now had a week and a half of school. It’s going really well. I was looking at a chart of what things should be taught when during the kindergarten school year. He’s at the end of kindergarten level for language arts and math. Interesting. That means we have more time for fun stuff like art class right? Pfth. Actually it means we focus our efforts on handwriting (which has always been an issue), and we read lots of nonfiction books about rocks and fruit and what not. Unfortunately I still feel like I need to cover patterns and one to one correspondence (and all those other things my kid could do when he was 3) so I have stuff for his portfolio assessment at the end of the year. But the good news is, we can do it in one lesson and not spend an entire month on it. It also means I’m going to be hunting for harder curriculum here pretty soon. But I’m not complaining. That’s the point of homeschooling, right? To teach a kid at his own pace, and not the pace of the slowest kid in the class.
Anyway. Some kidisms to share. Funny Alex quote from the other day: after bonking his head, “I think I broke my brain”
The girls have been in to singing lately. Not songs I’ve taught them mind you, their own made up creations. They sound something like this “Ok Mommy, this one is going to be a sad song. She is so sad, she is so sad, she is so sad, because she dropped her blankie, dropped her blankie, dropped her blankieeeeeeeeee…” So sweet, and yet rather comical at the same time. Gotta get that on video.


Lora said...

I'd be sad if I dropped my blankie, too. HA!!

Meg said...

LOL. I think I broke my brain once, too.


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