Hi! I’m back… we had internet issues last week, so I hardly spent any time on line, hence the lack of blog posts. You wouldn’t believe how productive you can be when the internet isn’t trying to seduce you.
So just for kicks, here’s a brief run down of what went on while I was unplugged. Painting is DONE. The porch, the deck, the trim, the touching up. Done. All done. Just short of 2 months, thank you so much.
New pics of the girls. Alex not so much. But here’s one of them together that I love despite the fact that Annie has her eyes closed. And one of just Anne that made me chuckle.
Alex is in Kindergarten. We’ve made it through our first week together as teacher/student. It was good. Really really good. I got my letter of exemption from the school district, and we are good to go. The little guy totally read an entire book by himself last week (minus two words that he needed help with)Also a little bit of scrapping out of the way. I’m hoping to get a little more caught up with my scrapping before the Christmas projects roll around. Still a long way to go.

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