End of Summer Sha – bang

Seriously. Where did summer go? I honestly have no idea, but back to school is here, so we’re frantically running around trying to have as much fun as possible before everyone else has to go back to school. (Insert evil laugh here).
So anyway. Yesterday we had a play date with my friend Aimee and her little guy Chase, who is the same age as my girls. We went to the park for a picnic, which was super fun. Slightly hot, but fun. Then last night we went to family movie night at the church. There were probably 8 or 9 families there, we all piled in the sanctuary and watched Charlotte’s Web. We hadn’t seen it before, but we really enjoyed it. So today, we’re headed to Plummer pool, which is perfect for little kids, but we’ve never actually been there. I’ve been meaning to go all summer, but for some reason we just haven’t. Aimee said it was really empty earlier this week, so we decided to meet up there again today.
So other than that, life is getting back to normal. I still haven’t finished painting my porch/trim. And I’m ok with that. I did manage to do a little scrapping both yesterday and the day before. My first layout took me about 20 minutes. All that creative energy that had been bottled up for about a month just came spewing out and poof it was done. Making serious headway on my curriculum for Alex’s school. So I feel like we can officially start school here when everyone else does. (Especially when all our friends go back to school, and there’s no one left to play with!)

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