Hocking Hills

So the last few days we have been on vacation in southern Ohio. My mom and I took the kids down to Hocking Hills state park (Jory had to work, poor baby). We spent our days hiking, swimming, playing cards, reading, and finding as many different playgrounds for the kids as we could. It was sooo nice after the stressful end of July to just play and not worry about a bulging to – do list. I didn’t get many pics of us hiking (heavy woods + cliffs = dark pictures), but I still managed to snap off a few to share.

Louisa playing at the beach

Alex relaxing at the pool
Annie peaking at Mom, pretending she's not being ornery.

We were also able to spend some time with my mom’s family. I made it to the Simms family reunion, which I haven’t been able to attend in 7 years I think. Met up with some distant cousins that I haven’t seen in 17 years that were a hoot. They had lots of fun teasing, and playing with my children. I didn’t bother taking pictures because Rylan (distant cousin # 1) played the part of the photographer, and took 600+ pics that he promised to share. So, if and when those show up, I’ll share those.

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