The other side.

Well we’ve successfully completed our week at VBS. I can’t believe how fast it went! We had so much fun in the preschool class. My co-teacher was awesome, the kids were super sweet (although slightly wiggly). Good to know my kids aren’t the wiggliest ones out there.
So, what else. I’m almost done painting the trim on my house. I’ve been working on it in the mornings this week before it gets really hot out. (yes, this is the same painting project I’ve been working on for about 3 weeks now, I’m shooting for the world record).
Anyway. Tomorrow we’re going on vacation in southern Ohio. I’m looking forward to hiking, playing in the pool, and catching up with Harry Potter. But alas, there is much to be done before we can leave. The whole packing for 4 people thing, always a joy. Especially at the last minute. I’d also like to tidy up my house a little bit. The phrase “hit by a tornado” doesn’t quite do my house justice.

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