How could I forget?

Bad mom, forgot to share this somewhat important milestone, so here goes. I think it’s been a full year since my girls started to show progress in potty training. Sadly they’re still in diapers at night. (Slightly frustrating!) Well recently I broke down and started a reward program with a sticker chart and a promise of a really good treat after 5 dry nights. Well after probably 3 weeks, Louisa finally filled up her chart on Sunday! My mom and I took her out to lunch and let her pick out a new outfit. So the next time you see that little tater, give her a high five!

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Teresa said...

YEA!!! Have you tried cold turkey? I did it with Luke when he was itty bitty, just on a whim, and wouldn't you know it, it worked! Tell the little gal hooray from us!


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