Another week gone, with nary a blog post. I’m not sure when it became such a low priority, but it’s a combination of not being able to think of anything to say, tired of sitting in front of the computer because there’s much to be done. I dunno.
So this last week. Hmmm. My friend Heather invited Alex to come be a part of her Kindergarten program one day a week. She runs a center for special needs children and needed a typical learning Kindergartener to be a “buddy” for her kids to practice their social skills with. He gets kindergarten credit for it too. Nice. This Friday is his first day, so I’ll let you know how it goes.
I just have to mention the crazy weather we have around here. It’s October 8th, and I’m sitting here at 9:00 am, in shorts and a tee – shirt. Insane. It was 93 degrees here yesterday. That has to be some kind of record.
Jory and I are continually chuckling at the projects that Mr. Alex thinks of. This morning he decided to make a coloring book for his dad. Complete with an illustration of Jory coloring, some cars to color, a map, a couple of mazes and a rainbow. I’m wondering if he’ll notice if I swipe it before he insists that his dad color in it.
And a funny Alex-ism:
A: “Mom, we need a dog”
Me: “why? I thought you were scared of dogs” which he is.
A: to keep away the wild animals.
Me: Uhhhhhhh… (where do I start on this one? The fact that there are no bears, or cougars here in our corner of the world to be scared of… the fact that we have WALLS to keep the critters out…) “We don’t need a dog, that’s what Dad is for.”
A: “I’d rather have a dog.”

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