Mommy time.

This weekend my mom and I went to a scrapbooking event, and scrapped allllllll weekend. We arrived Friday after dinner, worked hard until about 2:00am, spent the night in the hotel and scrapped all day Saturday until about 1:00 am the next morning. I got about 8 pages done, which doesn’t sound like that much, until you realize it would have taken me more than 2 months to complete that amount at home. Highlights from the weekend include: the sheriff calling my friend at midnight on Friday about her teenage son (eek!), the fire alarm going off at 3:00 am on Saturday morning because someone in the hotel burned popcorn (double eek!), not getting enough sleep, and eating a really yummy dinner at the restaurant that services the hotel / campground / conference center. But now I’m paying for my weekend of playing. Lots of catching up to do. School work, house work, chores… blech.

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Joy Madison said...

sounds like fun!!!


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