It’s been a while since I discussed our schooling, so I guess it’s time for an update. We’re officially done with our first quarter and still going strong. I’m learning so much about my son, and am continually thrilled to be so deeply involved in his learning processes.
So, highlights from the last month: Playing “store” has gone over really well with all three kids. When we have art class, the kids have to “buy” all their art supplies (I give them the money). Great discussions about budgeting, making change, and all that. It’s fascinating to watch my children choose their purchases, and ponder their logic.
Science class has been really fun too. This month we’re doing a unit on water (how we use it, why we need it, and how we can change it for our own purposes). So we’re doing lots of experiments and recording all our observations in a journal. I could be wrong, but I think Alex enjoys recording his observations more than he enjoys the actual experiment itself.
His main dislikes include worksheets (big surprise) and reading (which is sort of a surprise). Books that he was reading with confidence in May are now a struggle. So I’m in the process of figuring out how to get him to practice his lightning words without him thinking he’s actually reading. But you know, if he just doesn’t want to read yet I guess that’ll be ok too. He’ll do it when he’s ready right?

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