Yesterday in the church nursery:
Random nursery worker to my girls: “you guys look so much alike! Are you sisters?”
One of my girls (probably Louisa): “Nope.”
In other news, I’ve started my Christmas cards. This year I decided not to make the same old boring things that I normally make. This year my cards are FUN. Jory thinks their strange, I prefer the term quirky. If I had the time, I’d scan some for you. Also, if you’ve moved in the last year or didn’t get one from me last year, it’s because I don’t have your address. Please email me so I can send you one!


Lora said...

That's hilarious... ROFL!!

Good luck with the cards. I'm starting mine this week, too.

Meg said...


B-Mama said...

You are amazing to already be starting Christmas cards. Way to go! :) I remember Mrs. Burns (jr. high gym teacher) used to address her cards on the morning of the 4th of July. Oh my goodness! :)

Amanda said...

hey! i want one of your christmas cards! where do i email you??

btw- i'll be in toledo the week of t-giving. i don't think i'll be attending the reunion, but i'd love to hang out w/ you if you'll be around- it's been a long time!


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