Adventures in Peterson-land

It was a good weekend in our house. On Friday, we went to Jory’s office Christmas party. This year it was held at the zoo, and the kids were all invited. The lady who planned the party did a great job. She planned a separate (and very appropriate!) menu for the kids, had Christmas movies, coloring books and gifts all ready for them. We grown ups managed quite well eating grown up food and chatting it up. After dinner we went out and saw the Christmas light displays that were set up all over the zoo. They were absolutely gorgeous.
Saturday the kids and I went to the Christmas tree farm to help my parents pick out a Christmas tree. We had a lovely little outing with just enough snow, some hot chocolate, and a visit to the petting zoo, where my kids got a kick out of the rabbits. Then we quickly headed home before the “blizzard” started.
Sunday we stayed home from church because services were cancelled. We were predicted to get between 8-13 inches of snow with winds gusting to 50 mph. Well we got 6 inches of snow (which is a perfect amount if you ask me) with little to no winds. Not quite a blizzard, but a fun little storm indeed. Plus I was pretty darned productive since I wasn’t at church until 2 pm.

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