Snow Angels and notes.

Yesterday we went out to try out our new winter boots (which I purchased just in time!) We had fun shoveling the snow into a big pile (trash cans make pretty good shovels when you're five!) having a snowball fight, and of course making snow angels.

So I have some notes on life to share. Yesterday when we were praying over our dinner Alex says his wonderfully inspiring prayer, and then it was Louisa's turn and she says "help mommy to not be dead." Nice. This morning Alex and I were practicing his memory verse for his kids program, and the girls chimed right in. Apparently they both memorized as we were coaching Alex. I wonder if Ms. Stacey will give them credit for it.


Teresa said...

Snow, yea, how fun!!! Enjoy and hope it stays around for Christmas!

Lora said...

LOL!! I hope you aren't dead either. Too funny... kids are so fun.


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