Holly Jolly

So yesterday I woke up with a migraine. The yucky kind that made me sick to my stomach. Blech. I pretty much got nothing done (except some marvelous naps!) I had a hard time just letting myself rest. I’m sure most of you can relate to the “I can’t put life on hold to be sick! I have so much to do!” thoughts. If nothing else, I was reminded how wonderful my kids are. They can be so sweet and thoughtful when they want to be. It was almost worth being sick just to have them take care of me.
In other news, yesterday Alex went to a nursing home with his group from church. I didn’t go, but I hear he was a riot. He’s never been a shy kid, but apparently he went out of his way to socialize with the old folks. Somehow I’m not all that surprised.

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Anonymous said...

Migraine,huh? Genetics is a terrible thing. Thank Granddad. I've had them, Rosanne still does. Talk to her about how she copes. I can usually ignore them.


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