More snow

Earlier in this week our kind Creator saw it fit to dump another 8 inches of snow. Even though some of us were less than thrilled to see it, it was quite possibly the perfect snowfall. Lots of thick heavy packing snow, perfect for playing in. So out we went, all 4 of us. Together we built a snowman, snow angels, snow castles, and we turned the steps off the back porch into a sledding hill (which was a sheer delight to the young ‘uns.) I didn’t get many pictures that day (too busy playing!) but here are a few.

In other news, do you remember a few weeks back when Alex was complaining that his schoolwork was too easy? Well I changed things up a little bit with his reading to make it a little more of a challenge. Now every week he gets a new word list with 20 words, half of them are easy and the other half are a little tougher. The kid is completely devouring everything I throw at him. He can’t get enough. I think it’s safe to say that he’s going to love reading – not sure where he got that from!

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