On snow days

So last night I went to bed anticipating a winter storm complete with snow and wind and all things wintry. Excited about the possibility of no school tomorrow - just like I was a kid. Excited about staying at home in my jammies, next to a roaring fire in the fireplace. (Wondering why that prospect is so exciting, as I can do it whenever I want.) Wondering if I’m robbing my kids of that anticipation by not allowing for snow days. But then it wouldn’t be the same for them anyway now would it. They’re allowed to stay home in their jammies everyday, school isn’t a monstrous beast that eats up 6 hours of their day. Frankly if I “cancelled” school, I’m not 100% sure that Alex would even notice. It certainly wouldn’t be a celebration, as it was when I was a kid. So in the end, I decide not to celebrate the fact that we aren’t learning today (which we probably will be doing later on anyway) I think we will be out celebrating the fact that snow is fun, and we have an awesome God who gives us fun things (like 6 inches of snow while we’re sleeping)

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Dad said...

You certainly are your mother's daughter!


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