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At the moment we are in the beginning stages of (hopefully) the last snowstorm for the season. We’re expecting 4-6 inches between now and tomorrow morning. Happy spring, have some snow. The kids are pretty psyched though. As I write this they’re getting bundled up to go out in it (even though there’s less than a half inch – minor details right?) So I’m guessing their “captain fever” is over…
In other news, school is going well. Alex has started doing some independent research projects – on his own time, just for fun type of thing. Right now he’s really interested in space so we made a rocket yesterday from an empty oatmeal container and some cardboard, and now he’s working on some planets. We picked up a book from the library with pictures of all the planets in the solar system, and he’s dutifully copying the pictures onto plastic lids that will hang from his ceiling. All we need are some “space raiders” (which I think are bad guy aliens like the ones on Star Wars) and his space theme will be complete. Maybe. I’m keeping all my empty food containers just in case.
Jory’s motorcycle is back from the shop. They had it for over a month. We’re glad to have Diego back. Even if it is snowing. Jory wants to take pictures of it in the snow. We’ll see.

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