Crazy times

I totally need to be working on “more important” things right now, but screw it. Sometimes you just need to make unimportant things a priority right? That’s me right now. Screw the schoolwork, I’m blogging.
So what’s new. Lots. It is warm and springy in our neighborhood. We have been spending as much time outdoors as we possibly can. Last week it was all about running errands and visiting all our favorite parks. This week it has been all about the garden. I summoned the courage to go and “relocate” (aka steal) some of the mulch that someone dumped on abandoned lot next to us. Then with my mom’s help we also relocated some irises and daffodils (since mine apparently became someone’s lunch) from that lot.
Okay, I have a question. Does anyone know about cardinals? We have a male that has continuously been attacking our sliding door for well over a week now. I’ve seen him with a female, so I’m wondering if they have a nest somewhere (probably in the big oak behind my house) that he feels he needs to defend. So here’s the question. Short of posting Louisa on the porch to scare him away every time he comes over, what can I do to get this bird to leave us alone? Mom suggested putting a picture of an owl up, which I haven’t tried yet. Other suggestions?
In other news, school is going well. We’re getting close to the end of the year. Close enough that I circled our last day on our number chart and we are counting down. Still counting by 10’s until we reach it, but getting closer. The end is in sight. This week we are learning about money – different ways to make certain quantities and such. Also talking about plants – an obvious choice as we are out in the garden this week.

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Anonymous said...

He's battling his reflection. The door is a mirror that makes him think he has competition. We see it at the office every spring. Got anything to put in front of the door like newsprint, unused window screens (talk to Mom) etc? Anything that will break up the reflections?
Poor bird. I know all about 'competition'. Took me 3 years to get a date with your mother....


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