I can’t believe it’s been 2 weeks since my last post. I’m lame, I know. Don’t remind me.
Life here in these parts is typical. The weather has warmed up nicely. It’s been in the low 70’s for the last few days. Which has been really nice. We spent most of Saturday outside cleaning up the yard, and splashing through all the standing water in the corner of our yard.
But now Annie and I have the flu. Achy, runny nose, coughing 100+ temperatures, the whole works. We’ve watched enough PBS to last us for years. I’m hoping we can shake this thing soon. I keep trying to give it to Alex, but he doesn’t seem to want it.
Speaking of Alex, he’s still hard at work on his planet project. We have the whole solar system hanging from his ceiling. I think that he wanted to make the correct number of moons to hang with each planet, until he found out that Jupiter has something like 47. But he’s learned an amazing amount of information during this project, which has been really cool.


Anonymous said...

Four. He can see 4 of Jupiter's moons. Even in that little telescope at the lake. His young eyes could probably see them through Mom's (I mean Grandma's) binoculars. Tell him Grandpa will show them to him this summer. What good is a moon if you can't see it?
"Moon-a". One of the very early words in his vocabulary. Like "Tars". Andrew, at about 3.
(Ok, changed this thing again, didn't you? How do I sign it "Dad" now?) Whippersnapper.

Mom said...

Yes our great big boy is still fond of his moon-as. Hope the weather cooperates soon for gazing at the full moon-a.

Meg said...

I would have gladly traded that flu for the one I had... everything in my tummy wanted out NOW and didn't care HOW it got out... for days.

Hope you feel better soon, and that nobody else in the house gets it (or at least until you're better!)


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