More insane summer adventures

It wouldn’t be summer without its share of insanity now would it? So here’s a peak inside this weeks insanity.
My mom’s cherry tree has put out a bumper crop of cherries again this year. So we’ve made several excuses to go visit so we can steal some – I mean, help with the harvest. I have enough cherries in my freezer to last all winter, but sadly am contemplating my next date with the tree. It also means I have enough to share. Let me know if you want some.
So I mentioned that we bought bunk beds for the girls. Which means that I’m sucked into this process called “make the room look great in anticipation for the new bed”. Starting with new paint. Pink - melted strawberry ice cream meets pepto bismal – pink. Jory hates it. (I can’t honestly say that I’m surprised, being raised with 2 brothers, he’s just not that crazy about all things girly). Anyway. Since I have a while until the beds actually arrive, I have time to think about what else to do with the room. New curtains, new pics for the walls, bedding. Sigh. Trying to think of something cute but not too in-your-face-little-girl-ish. No Strawberry Shortcake (sorry Louisa) or Barbie or princess (gag). Thinking about pairing the pink with something sandy colored, ecru, maybe a touch of cool blue… Maybe a little bit of vintage fabrics… I have time to think.
I got to baby sit over the weekend. Okay Eva’s pushing 2 ½ so she’s not exactly a baby, but she was still cute. She followed the big kids around, and they watched over her. So sweet. So fun to remember “being little” and appreciate how far we have come. So glad to give her back when the day was done. Yes, my friends as much fun as it is to snuggle cute sleepy little ones, I am so glad to be through with that stage. Independence is a marvelous thing.
P.S - I finally managed to track down a parachute for the photo wall project that I’ve been working on at the church. I even managed to bring it home with me so I could get in some “extra practice”. So watch out for pics of happy kids with a big parachute that might make their way over here if I ever get my act together.

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