Stuff and a kid funny.

First off before I forget, happy anniversary to my sweet husband! Today is our 7 year anniversary. I love you!
Anyway. We had a good weekend. We went to the lake and visited with our dear friend Cathy, who was in from Illinois. It was not quite warm enough to be outside, so we kept our selves entertained with the normal lake games (aka beanie baby fights), and a trip to the outlet mall (which was dangerous as always).
The girls have had their eyes on the garden this spring. They have taken a particular interest in all things blooming, and what is about to bloom. Every time we step out into the yard, they always run to check on the progress on the buds of our irises and the roses (which finally sprung forth this morning – yippee!).
I may have mentioned the diaper issue before, but our girls have had the worst luck with staying dry at night. Nearly 20 months after they gave up diapers during the day neither girl could stay dry for more than 2 nights in a row. Not sure what’s up with that. Anyway. Louisa has finally managed to break free. She has completed 10 dry nights in a row, which means that she gets to go camping with Grandma. Even though I think she may have had an accident in the night. Annie on the other hand has not had more than one or two since we got back from vacation 2 weeks ago.
Something kind of cool. Last week I got an email from a friend at church who needed photographs of happy kids wearing cheerful clothes to decorate the new children’s ministry wing at church. She asked if I could snap off a few of my kids to hang up. I plan to try and get a few shots of some of our little (and big) friends from church to round out the collection. Hopefully I can share those when we’ve figured out which ones will go up. (If not, I suppose you’ll just have to go in and see them yourself!)
And I almost forgot the funny. When talking to Cathy about our garden, I was trying to get the girls to tell her what we had growing. I prompted the girls with “it starts with an I…”(meaning iris). Annie pipes up “I know Mommy! An Ipod!”

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