It’s summer!

Summer has officially arrived in our neck of the woods. 2 weeks ago it was in the mid 60’s. Today it is currently around 90. It’s about time! We’re ready to start enjoying our favorite summer time activities.
I had a nice little girl’s weekend this weekend. My mom and I met some of our scrapbooking buddies at the lake (with NO KIDS) and we plugged away on our scrapbooks. Mine is sadly out of date and one of my goals for the summer is to be caught up through February by the time I have to start school again.
We’re still working on our garden. My first big project for the summer is nearly complete. I turned a “problem area” of my yard – an area that had a few flowers and a bunch of weeds that were hard to mow - into a proper garden with a brick divider, mulch, a few new plants and best of all – no weeds! I’m still waiting on some lamb’s ear that my mom promised me in order to pronounce the area “done for now”. One of these days I’ll go out and take some pictures.
Last Friday was Alex’s end of the year program with his group of friends from Capable Kids. It was fun to see the fruits of all their hard work. We got to see a slide show with pictures from all the little classes, and see some of their little art projects. Then each class preformed a few songs.
Oh and I almost forgot. I have a new nephew. Jason, Vangie, and Levi are thrilled to welcome little Victor Lance into their family. He was born on Saturday, and is apparently doing just fine.

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