The end of summer

It’s official. Summer vacation is nearly over. I have my lesson plans written for Monday. Feels good to be able to meet my deadline this year instead of slacking off and pushing it back like I did last summer. Feeling slightly panicked that I don’t have enough lesson ideas to take me to May, but I’m sure I’ll be fine.
So what did we do with our last week of summer vacation? I’d like to say we went out and did all sorts of fun things like the water park or the zoo, but we didn’t. I have been working on my lessons, and cleaning up the property next door. We don’t know when we’ll be able to take the house down, but we’ve done a lot of weeding and mowing and making the ground look a little more presentable, found some flowers and plants that we need to transplant.
Oh, and we’re watching the Olympics. Well, Alex and I are. The girls prefer to watch a video for their 30 min of tv time. Too bad the gymnastics is on so late, I don’t even stay up to watch that.

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