Winding down

Well our summer is winding down around here. The pressure of school is looming down on our little heads. Pretty gosh darned stoked to get back in the groove, and enjoy the learning process once again. Last year I opted to not purchase a boxed set of curriculum, and just used the resources available at our public library. Risky move I know, but it paid off pretty well. This year I have again opted not to buy curriculum in favor of the public library. It would be a lot easier to buy a bunch of workbooks and say, “here you go, have fun!” but the educator in me cringes at the sight of a pile of worksheets, so I go in search of authentic learning experiences (and a few worksheets). And searching, and searching. Lots of searching. But this year I understand just how much searching is involved, so I started early. I feel like I have a pretty good outline set up for the year, now it’s just a matter of filling in the blanks. Better than the pile of worksheets I started with last year. (eek! I know) So I’m excited about where we’re going.
Anyway. Life around these parts is good. Busy, but good. Working on curriculum, going on play dates, picking blackberries, sleeping in a tent, picking wildflowers (ahem – weeds). Squeezing the last little bit of fun out of our summer before it’s over.
Excited for the Olympics to start tonight. Looking for a schedule of events, trying to figure out age appropriate ways to incorporate the games into our learning.

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