A week in the life

These past few days have been pretty typical. We had another stray dog decide to take up camp on our porch, but a call to the dog warden took care of him. Alex actually enjoyed having a pet for a few days, but the girls – not so much.
I have been wrestling with the garden again. We think that we will probably end up burning the abandoned house on the corner down, which means that all of the plants (and bulbs) next to the house need to be dug out. Which means that I have to find places for all these things. I’ve already started one overflow garden and am contemplating a few more. Speaking of gardens, I finally took some pics of the one I started earlier this spring. It’s in full bloom and is beautiful. So stay tuned for those.
School is going well. We have nearly 3 weeks under our belt. We are starting to notice the workload difference between Kindergarten and 1st. Pursuing ideas more in depth, and much more writing. Plus we’ve introduced the concepts of tests and grades – which has been a great motivator. Alex is always asking, “did I get 100%?”
Alex was invited to his first real birthday party over the weekend, a little friend from church. I was exposed to what birthday parties have become. I don’t want to know how much time and money was spent on this party, but it was over the top. Can’t say we’ll be joining in on that competition any time soon. We’ll stick with cupcakes and balloons. Thanks.
Other than that, life is good. Squeezing out every last drop of summer. Hanging out with friends, starting Sunday school at church, and back to school clothes shopping.

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