The times

Jory has been out of town this week. He went down to NM with his brother to ride motorcycles. So I’ve had an interesting week as a single parent. I’m a little spoiled, in that Jory almost never travels for work, and doesn’t really have any “guys” that he hangs with, so he’s usually here when he’s not working. It’s not that I mind that he has some “me time”, it’s just a little bit of a kick in the gut when he goes off and does it all at once. Having fun for a whole week with no responsibilities while I hold down the fort. Anyway.
We survived, but we’re glad it’s almost over.
The kids and I have been digging a new garden this week. Trying to figure out what to do with our 1000+ daffodil bulbs from the annex. It’s along our front walkway leading to our door. I’d take a picture, but it’s just dirt right now. Not very interesting. We’ll talk again in April when it’s a lovely swatch of yellow and white.
So my children have entered a new phase. We’re done with the challenging adult authority stage common to 2-3 year olds. Now we’re in the teasing phase. I swear every 5 minutes someone is playing copy cat, poking someone, or just generally annoying someone else (not to mention me!). The joys of parenting, right?

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Teresa said...

I just had to respond to this...as I read it, and respond to it in fact, Luke and Abi are living out what you describe of yours. Fun times I tell ya. And with Craig out this morning as well. Bleh! :)


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