Another week bites the dust

The last few days have been rather creative in our house. My children found my stash of clean trash (milk jug lids, empty food containers and toilet paper tubes) and went to town. We had a whole fleet of ships, some of which actually floated. We also used the toilet paper tubes to make binoculars. And finally the paper shredder. My children have used it to shred every piece of scrap paper they can find. We are currently on day 3 of our obsession with all things shredded. My vacuum has definitely gotten a good workout this week. In case you were wondering, the little collections of shredded paper that I keep finding all over my house are called “hugcug” and you will get in big trouble if you throw them out. (Ask me how I know).
I continue to dig up my yard in a vain attempt to find homes for all my daffodils. I think I have planted about 200, and feel like I haven’t made a dent in my stash. Currently working to clean out an old iris bed on the annex in hopes that I can squeeze about 25 bulbs in there. We shall see.
In other news, school is going well. We’re through with about 6 weeks. Alex has become rather good at spelling. He aced the last 2 pretests I gave him. I’m faced with the eternal struggle that all homeschoolers eventually face – do I let him work ahead, or divert his attention to something else. Right now I’m letting him work ahead, so he’ll be done with the 1st grade spelling book before the end of the year. When we’re done with that, then I’ll worry about what to do next.


Dad said...

"Hugcug", huh? Even more creative than you guys' "Murdocks" that Mom reminded me of.
(Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know. A preposition is nothing to end a sentence with.)

Meg said...

Murdocks... weren't those the folded-up, torn-off portions of the printer paper?

Mom said...

yup, those were. I think you named them such after "crazy Murdock" from the A team. You folded them back and forth fanfold and then they would spring up when you let go.


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