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It’s been a while. Suppose it’s time for another update. It was a pretty good weekend in our house. Saturday was Make a Difference Day at our church. They had like 8 service projects planned, plus they were serving lunch. So we went and had pizza with some friends, then we took Alex to the Senior Center to play Uno (the girls stayed and played in the nursery). Afterward he told me that when he’s a grown up he’s going to go over there every day to play cards. I hope he does.
This weekend we were glued to the TV watching The Perils of Penelope Pitstop. I had never heard of it, but Annie picked it up at the library, so I figured why not? Well it was an instant hit with all five of us. If you’ve never seen it, it’s a cartoon series from the 60’s and it’s FREAKING HILARIOUS. When you get a chance, go look for it on u-tube or something. It’s worth it.
That’s about all, we’re gearing up for a busy week around here. In addition to the normal humdrum of life, I seriously need to get started on my Christmas projects.

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Dad said...

"Hey-lp! Hey-lp!" You mean THAT Penelope Pitstop? Nah. Never heard of her.
Alex and Uno. YOU didn't teach him the rules, did you?
(For those casual readers that might not get the significance of that question: Elissa will CHEAT YOU BLIND at Uno. And she will be so slick at it you won't figure it out until 4 plays after it happened.)


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