Crazy times.

So the last few days around here have been a little crazy. For one thing it’s been in the 70’s since Friday. So of course we’ve been outside playing as much as possible, soaking up the last few hours of warm temperatures outdoors. Getting absolutely no work done. It’s all good right?
So let me think… Halloween was good. We made our trick or treating debut this year. The kids were so excited and nervous, they bombarded me with questions for days. Alex was a spooky planet (that looked remarkably like a pumpkin), Annie was a butterfly, and Louisa was a dragonfly. We went around in my mom’s neighborhood, and afterward the kids spent the night at my mom’s house. Fun stuff.
Saturday I had my first paid photo shoot with the Beam family from church. They wanted a 4 generational portrait taken with their new little boy. So I got some good family group shots and a couple of cute candids thrown in for good measure. While I don’t see myself going professional anytime soon, it was really fun, and slightly addicting. So I imagine I’ll do more in the future. If people ask, that is.
So I have a ton of pics to share, but frankly I don’t really have time to retrieve them right now. But some seriously cute ones of Alex in the leaves, and the girls on the swings at the park yesterday. Not to mention that cute little Beam baby.

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Susan said...

and I expect to have pix for myself of the kids in costume. Share, please?


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