Over the weekend Alex lost his second tooth. So I mentioned to him that we should put it under his pillow for the tooth fairy. (We lost the first one before we could request the tooth fairy’s services.) He looks me in the eye and asks if the tooth fairy is real. Not being one to lie to my children, I asked him if he wanted the truth, or if he wanted a story. He’s not dumb, he wanted the truth. So I gave it to him, and asked if he wanted to pretend that I was the tooth fairy. A pretty good arrangement if you ask me.
Last night the fire department came over to run a training practice on the house on our annex. We went over to watch, and learn a little about their procedure. The kids got a tour of the fire truck, the ambulance, and got to look through a heat-seeking camera. Then before we left we got to watch them suit up and go in. Way cool.
I am currently dealing with another round of poison ivy. I’m still waiting for it to stop getting worse so it’ll start getting better.
Went to the apple butter festival over the weekend. We were late so we didn’t get to see them making apple butter, but we got to watch them make cider instead, so it was ok. The living history encampments were excellent as usual. The kids met Mark Twain, sat inside a teepee and made candles. Good stuff.
The garden is good. I used up the rest of my bulbs over the weekend. Planted the last 100ish so that I could say I put in 1,000. The rest were scattered around to various people in the community. I have a few tasks left to do before I’m ready to call it done for the winter. We’ll see if I can’t bang them out here in my last few really nice days of fall

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